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Monday, September 17, 2012
Junior Moose Program
What is the Junior Moose?

It is a way to get our children involved in what we all do for the Moose. When our children say “why is Mom/Dad always doing things with the Moose?”

This Program will get our children learning the great mission of the Moose, and they can work side by side with you in achieving that goal. When they learn the warmth of giving of their time and caring for others, and being part of something bigger than they have ever known.

This is the outline of the Program:

The teenage children will be the leaders of the Program forming a board of officers while mentoring the younger children and grooming them to be Jr. Moose officers and Moose leaders one day.

When the older children have reached the age to be eligible to join our great fraternity they already have a greater understanding of how the Moose operates.

What better way to obtain new members than to grow our children into great new young ambitious members. Instead of them resenting the Moose for the time their parents spend with the Moose, they will to follow in our footsteps and be part of our great cause.

There will be a opportunity for the children's board of officers to determine what charitable organization they want half of their dues to go to.

The other half they will determine what supplies or events they want that money to go to.

One last part and probably the most exciting part of the Jr. Moose Program is an optional, Be a Pen Pal with Mooseheart or Moosehaven.
This way when they get to meet the boys from New England home at our conference. They will immediately have a bond and a connection with these wonderful boys. How amazing would that be to meet and spend some time with someone you have written to all year long.
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